"[Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute] AIAI's clients and collaborators include: ...Boeing, ...BAE Systems... GEC Marconi, ...Lockheed Martin, ...QinetiQ, ...Rolls-Royce & Associates. ...AIAI also works with government agencies such as: ...DERA/ DSTL, GCHQ, ...RAF, ... DARPA, ...US Naval Research Laboratory, US Army, US Airforce Research Laboratory, US Pacific Command”
- Edinburgh University Website

Total no. of projects Minimum amount received from Projects Ranking by: a) no. of projects
b) amount (£)
Top 3 funders (by no. of projects) Top 3 departments (by no. of projects)
70 £6,963,426 a) 12th
b) 15th
1) BAE Systems/ Selex
2=) QinetiQ
2=) Thales
1) School of Engineering and Electronics
2) School of Informatics
3) School of Medicine
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