"A fly-past by a combat aircraft and a ceremony featuring top military officials marked the start of a new partnership between the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and Loughborough University. The University has been selected to take part in the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS). The scheme has been set up by the MOD to support sponsored students studying for engineering and science degrees, all of whom are committed to become officers in one of the services (Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Civil Service).”
- University of Loughborough Website

Total no. of projects Minimum amount received from Projects Ranking by: a) no. of projects
b) amount (£)
Top 3 funders (by no. of projects) Top 3 departments (by no. of projects)
126 £29,206,101 a) 2nd
b) 5th
1) Rolls Royce
2) BAE Systems
3) MoD
1) Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering
2) Electronic and Electrical Engineering
3) Manufacturing Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
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