"The Materials Research Centre is a University Technology Partner with Rolls-Royce and, together with the Civil and Computational Engineering Centre the School is the Preferred Academic Partner to BAE Systems in computational modelling, electromagnetics and materials."
- University of Swansea Website

Total no. of projects Minimum amount received from Projects Ranking by: a) no. of projects
b) amount (£)
Top 3 funders (by no. of projects) Top 3 departments (by no. of projects)
33 £4,571,020 a) 19th
b) 18th
1) Rolls Royce
3) BAE Systems
1) Engineering
2) Materials Engineering
3) Civil Engineering
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Cynefin y Werin (Common Ground) is an all Wales network of organisations which promotes equality, peace, justice, human rights and co-operation between nations, peoples and communities on the basis of sustainable environmental, economic and social development. They have made important contributions to the campaign for the demilitarisation of Wales and published important reports on the subject, including:

  • St Athan Defence Training Academy and the Future of Wales (2007) written by Stuart Tannock and compiled by James Maiden.