26 Universities ranked by number of military projects*Universities ranked by number of military projects Cambridge: 283 projects Loughborough: 126 projects Oxford: 124 projects Southampton: 119 projects UCL: 101 projects Bristol: 101 projects Imperial college london: 95 projects Glasgow: 82 projects Sheffield: 79 projects Cranfield: 74 projects Manchester: 74 projects Leeds: 73 projects Edinburgh: 70 projects Birmingham: 59 projects York: 59 projects Newcastle: 55 projects Nottingham: 46 projects Warwick: 46 projects Cardiff: 44 projects Liverpool: 38 projects Queen's university Belfast: 37 projects Swansea: 33 projects Hull: 30 projects Durham: 23 projects King's college London: 19 projects LSE: 3 projects

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*The data we discovered whilst researching Study War No More does not cover all military projects at all UK universities, but rather, due to constraints of time and resources, includes those universities most likely to have conducted the greatest number of projects. It is highly likely that many other UK universities, not included in the table, will have conducted military projects between 2001 and 2006.

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