Study War No More report


The Study War No More report has been influenced by the work of many individuals, organisations, reports and publications which we would like to acknowledge. Please see below for some of the publications which may be useful for campaigners.

Cynefin y Werin

Cynefin y Werin (Common Ground) is an all Wales network of organisations which promotes equality, peace, justice, human rights and co-operation between nations, peoples and communities on the basis of sustainable environmental, economic and social development. They have made important contributions to the campaign for the demilitarisation of Wales and published important reports on the subject, including:

  • St Athan Defence Training Academy and the Future of Wales (2007) written by Stuart Tannock and compiled by James Maiden.
  • The Khaki Dragon: Mapping Military Wales written by Del Harris. Visit the linked website to download the report.

    Degrees of Capture

    Degrees of Capture: Universities, the Oil Industry and Climate Change is a report which was co-published in 2003 by Platform, Corporate Watch and the New Economics Foundation. The report examines the relationship between Britain's universities and the oil industry, and how that relationship has a bearing on climate change.The report was researched and written by Greg Muttitt and edited by Jonathan Walter and Rebecca Spencer.

    Informed Choice?

    Informed Choice? Armed forces recruitment practice in the United Kingdom is a report which was published in 2007 with financial assistance from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. Written by David Gee, the independent report assesses whether the information provided to potential recruits enables them to make an informed choice about enlistment.

    A corresponding website BeforeYouSignUp has also been designed for young people, presenting an independent source of information about the benefits, risks, and terms of service of a career in the armed forces.

    Scientists for Global Responsibility

    SGR have published a number of excellent reports looking into military companies involvement in universities, which include:

  • Soldiers in the Laboratory: Military Involvement in Science and Technology - and some Alternatives (2005) by Chris Langley, Edited by Stuart Parkinson and Philip Webber
  • More Soldiers in the Laboratory: The Militarisation of Science and Technology - An Update (2007) by Chris Langley, Stuart Parkinson and Philip Webber
  • Behind Closed Doors: Military Influence, Commercial Pressures and the Compromised University (2008) by Chris Langley, Stuart Parkinson and Philip Webber.

    These are available to download from the Scientists for Global Responsibility website in the Military Influence on Science Engineering and Technology section. SGR have also produced an excellent series on ethical careers, which include:

  • An Ethical Career in Science and Technology? (2001) By Stuart Parkinson and Vanessa Spedding
  • Unscrambling a Space career from Military Forces (2004) by David Webb
  • Critical Paths: 12 Inspiring Cases of Ethical Careers in Science and Technology (2006) by Stuart Parkinson and Vanessa Spedding
  • Corporations and Career Choice in Science and Technology (2006) by Stuart Parkinson
  • Scientists or Soldiers? Career Choice, Ethics and the Military (2006) by Chris Langley.

    These can be downloaded from their website here.

    Other Articles

  • A number of excellent articles about the arms trade and the impact of military involvement in university education have been written by Dr Anna Stavrianakis, a lecturer of International Relations at the University of Sussex. They can be accessed via her university homepage which can be found here.

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